anyfit Strength equipment

Anyfit Product Overview

Plug-in weights and plate-loaded

Piston-E Series

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Piston-S Series

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Piston Bench

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Intelligent Software

Support for your strength training

Simple Machine login

Login with RFID wristband or QR code.

Intelligent training control

Concentric, eccentric and isometric training modes.

Intelligent training plan creation

Register, log in, create training plans, save training logs and analyze training data.

Training success with an overview

Precise recording and storage of all your training successes.

Training Curve

coaches you personally during your workout

Range Of Motion (ROM)

ROM is measured before the start of training.

Right program?

Which mode do you need for your workout?

High-quality Production

Focus on Durability and Quality


We chose the US EXERFLEXPRO steel cable because it has withstood more than 400,000 load cycles in normal use without interruption during tests in our laboratory - four times the standard of normal products.


We use bearings of type TPI6205. These large bearings ensure improved rotational stability, increase training stability and extend the service life.


Intelligent fitness equipment with single function


Intelligent Fitness Equipment with Double Functions

Piston Bench

For upper body and core muscles exercises