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Anyfit Elliptical Trainer Features

Welcome To The Future Of Elliptical Trainers

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Individual Step Adjustment

Adjust the step depth and stride length to your height. ‍

Large Pedals

Comfortable rubber material that makes your movements more pleasant.

Wide range of posture options

Developed for different training methods and body sizes. Our handles enable a variety of comfortable postures. ‍

The functional prOperties of the elliptical trainer

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Optimized pedal spacing

The pedal spacing of 6.4 cm was developed as the optimum for all users, tall and petit.

Step Length Adjustment

Step adjustment range from 50 to 69 cm.

Step Depth Adjustment

Step depth adjustment range from 43.5 to 56 cm.

Sports handrail with multiple positions

Developed for varied and comfortable postures.

Rubber pedal

Non-slip rubber pedals make training more comfortable and safer.

Smooth Movement

Quiet running track, without interruptions with 76 bearings and 3 special motors.

AnyFit courses

Anyfit trainers have full access to the Anyfit Courses and Anyfit Member App. The extensive collection of training courses caters to diverse individuals and scenarios, offering personalized movement training and flexible scheduling.

Product Overview

AI5 Elliptical

Console display: 10.1″ touchscreen
Resistance level:1-25
Step length: 1-10
Pedal depth: 1-15
Adjustable step lengths: 481-637mm
Adjustable pedal depth: 435-561mm
Pedal distance: 230mm
User-defined programs: 1
Preset programs: 6
Power supply requirements: AC 100V 240V50/60Hz
Assembled dimensions: 2120*790*1680mm
Net weight/gross weight: 225/310KG Max
User weight: 150KG