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Anyfit Piston E Series

Intelligent Strength fitness equipment

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech and a single function

Intelligent training

Our TS software ensures optimal training and supports you with explanatory videos during setup and training.


The design of our equipment ensures natural movement during your workout.

Easily adjustable

Simple and easy adjustment of the appliances.

The features of the Piston-E series

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Easily adjustable

The seat and backrest cushion can be adjusted according to body height.


Durable, anti-sweat, antibacterial, beautiful.

Smart ID

Intelligent wristband and scan code for fast login.

Intelligent personal training

Adjust the goals of the training plan at any time in the member app.

Extensive portfolio

An extensive selection of equipment for a wide range of fitness requirements. Every muscle group can be trained.

10.1" touchscreen

To better watch the explanatory videos and the training curve.