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Anyfit Stair climber Features

Welcome To The Future Of Stairclimbers

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Low pedal

Provides more comfortable space, suitable for various training postures, makes training more flexible.

Drive system

Powerful chain drive ensures various speeds.

Three safety steps

More steps for greater safety during training. ‍

The functional properties of the Stairclimber

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Drive system

Stainless steel chain drive

Handrail button

Matching ergonomic design with quick adjustment of the armrests, easy to adjust.

Lower pedal

Brings more space and more comfort, suitable for different training postures, make training more flexible.

Easy ascent

Floor-standing pedal design, easier to step in.

Three safety steps

The training area always provides three steps

Embedded security identification

Orange warning line makes training safer

AnyFit courses

Anyfit trainers have full access to the Anyfit Courses and Anyfit Member App. The extensive collection of training courses caters to diverse individuals and scenarios, offering personalized movement training and flexible scheduling.

Product Overview

AI5 Stairclimber

Console display: 10.1″ touch screen
Resistance level: 1-20
Level dimensions: 550*278*205mm
Height of first level: 300mm
Effectively usable levels: 3
User-defined program: 1
Preset programs: 6
Storm connection: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 1600*970*2230mm
Net weight/gross weight: 226/310KG
Max. user weight: 150KG