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Anyfit Treadmill Features

Anyfit Treadmills

Welcome To The Future Of Treadmills

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Extra-large running surface

Treadmills that inspire passionate runners. Various running workouts can be completed on the treadmill on the 580×1600 mm running surface. ‍

Ergonomic handrail

A noticeable difference that is second to none: Double injection molded TPR material, durable, high quality and pleasant haptic perception. ‍

Natural running experience

The running surface provides users with a good running experience that is easy on the joints. ‍

The functional properties of the treadmill

With AnyFit Smart Training Tech

Large running surface

The large running surface allows the customer a variety of running styles.

Triangular column

Robust design that ensures enormous stability and balance.

Ergonomic handle

Double-shot molded TPR material, pleasantly soft to the touch.

Introversion of the handrails

The side handrails are designed to slope inwards.

Smooth running experience

It offers an excellent and flexible walking sensation.

Flexible Running training

The combination of treadmill width and maximum speed opens up a whole new range of possibilities

High-performance motor

Efficient 3.0 kW AC precision motor with a top speed of 24 km/h.

Less maintenance work

Maintenance-free treadmill design, no lubrication required.

AnyFit courses

Anyfit Treadmills have full access to the Anyfit Courses and Anyfit Member App. The extensive collection of training courses caters to diverse individuals and scenarios, offering personalized movement training and flexible scheduling.

Product Overview

AI5 Treadmill

Console display: 21.5″ touchscreen
Motor power: 3.0KW
Speed: 1-24KM/H
Incline: 0-15%
Running Surface: 580*1600mm
Assembled dimensions: 2220*910*1600mm
User-defined programs: 3
Preset programs: 6
Power supply requirements: AC 220V/110V
Net weight/gross weight: 240KG
Maximum user weight: 150KG

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